About the Regional Service Commissions (RSC)

Following a municipal reform, the Chaleur Regional Service Commission has been given a new regional mandate focused on collaboration in the following sectors:

Tourism: The CRSC works closely with stakeholders to promote the region's tourist attractions and develop new infrastructure to position Chaleur as a must-visit destination.

Economic development: The CRSC supports entrepreneurial initiatives, fosters innovation, and assists entrepreneurs in their projects with the aim of energizing the local economy and generating sustainable jobs. It also understands the importance of population growth by creating a welcoming environment for new residents and by working closely with community organizations as well as local authorities.

Public transportation: By improving the accessibility and efficiency of public transportation, the CRSC contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and facilitating the mobility of residents in the region.

Public safety: The CRSC collaborates with law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and local communities to ensure a safe environment for all residents.

Community development: The CRSC encourages citizen participation, supports local initiatives, and fosters the creation of dynamic and attractive communities.

Planning: The CRSC ensures balanced land use planning, preserves green spaces, promotes social diversity, and ensures equitable access to services and infrastructure. Its vision is to plan the layout and development of the territory in a way that protects the population from climate hazards and promotes the economic profitability of local and regional infrastructure. Additionally, it is mandated to administer zoning, construction, subdivision by-laws, and rural plans for participating cities, villages, and unincorporated territories.

As a regional entity, the CRSC plays an essential role in coordinating and managing public services within the region. Through its regional mandate focused on collaboration, it promotes synergy among municipalities, organizations, and stakeholders to maximize available benefits and resources.

With its comprehensive vision and effective coordination, the CRSC contributes to the emergence of a strong regional identity and the establishment of coherent local governance. By encouraging collaboration and cooperation, it enables the region to address common challenges and seize sustainable development opportunities.

It is firmly committed to serving the interests of the population by ensuring the quality of services offered and the preservation of collective interests. With its new regional mandate and commitment to collaboration, it is a key player in promoting progress and the well-being of the Chaleur region.

The CRSC (Regional Service Commission) covers local governance entities 10, 11, and 12, represented by the municipalities of Belledune, Belle-Baie, and Bathurst, respectively. Its territory also extends to the entire Chaleur Rural District, as demonstrated by the map below.